My Goals.

I want to build a career in racing.

 I’d like to be a fully paid driver, whether it’s in IMSA, Trans Am, Formula Car, or any combination above. I love coaching and ultimately see myself coaching and racing professionally all over the world.  

I love racing, whatever I am driving!

Why I chose TA2

During an SRF3 National race, I beat a TA2 team owner who was driving against me, Cliff White, from B2 Motorsports.  He reached out and offered me a seat in his TA2 car in a race at Lime Rock at a deeply discounted price with sponsor support.  The more I learned, the more excited to compete I became.  TA2 is arguably the most competitive and challenging road racing series in America today.  Attracting top-level Pro talent looking to prove themselves against the best. Current Lamborghini Super Trofeo, IMSA, SRO, and Porsche Cup drivers who attempt to compete in the series are frequently shocked at the competition they face.  Offering a fairly even playing field (it is racing, after all!), cars are cost-constrained in various ways to attempt to keep competition fair.  I wanted to prove myself against the best.  Learn more about TA2 here:

Why I Picked SRF3

I picked SRF3 because it allowed maximum seat time for the minimum expense. It was a class where every driver is using the same exact toolset which allows the driver to shine. It’s also kind of a hybrid between an open-wheel car and a sports car, so it would allow me to lean in either direction. My family couldn’t really afford the Formula 4 route, but from what I have seen, that series has turned into a crashfest anyway, with 60% of the laps in 2019 taking place under the yellow flag, not much racing. 

I figured the more seat time I had, the more wins, the more exposure, the more chance of me making a name for myself, and the more chance someone would notice me. If I raced SRF3 at 14 and 15, perhaps I could then make the move to an open-wheel FE2 car, or someone would like a co-driver in their sports car for endurance racing. I know it’s a long, difficult road. And I know that talent is only part of the equation. There are equal parts determination, skill, funding, and luck but I am up to the challenge and will work as hard as I can to get there.