The number 1 question people ask is “what am I getting that makes this worth the money?”

I can be flexible and can provide some or all of the services below, but a typical coaching engagement includes:


  1. An interview to discover driver’s perceived strengths, weaknesses, and desired focus areas
  2. A track walk, or if not available a turn by turn discussion of track layout
  3. Establishing a Data Lap for your car to discern what it is capable of
  4. After each session, review of video, and if capable, data, with overlay against established “good” lap
  5. Prioritize recommended improvements from most important to least important – what we need to work on vs. what would be optimal.
  6. Coaching on how to best do a turn by turn setup analysis to communicate with crew on car performance
  7. General principals of racing/driving line, and advanced techniques on how to get the car to do exactly what you want it to do.
  8. Discuss strategies for racing, and when to use them.  (i.e. start strategy from different parts of the grid, passing strategies based on race length, tire management strategy, etc)
  9. Post race/track day analysis.  What went right, what went wrong, what to work on for future events.

It’s important to understand that during many engagements, we are going to spend time breaking old bad habits and establishing new, better, more sustainable ones.  During this process, sometimes you may feel like you are going backwards; trust the process… we will make a better driver out of you!