About me.

My name is Evan Slater, and I am a 15-year-old race car driver. I got my start in Indoor Karting at age 7. My family wasn’t a racing family, so we didn’t know much about the path to becoming a pro driver – we were just having fun. At age 10, the indoor track basically kicked me out. The manager told me “I am not doing myself any favors here, but you are wasting your talent. You need to drive an outdoor kart!” My dad said, “Isn’t he a little young?” And the manager responded, “No, he is actually a little old!” So we bought an outdoor kart, and began racing in NH. After my debut year, winning Rookie of the Year in NHKA, we started national karting. The budgets were crazy and the competition was fierce, but we did the best we could on about 1/3rd of the average team’s annual budget. I learned tremendous car control, racecraft, and seat feel through my 4 years in Karting, skills that have translated directly to my first season in Spec Racer Ford 3.

I am a sophomore at Portsmouth High School in NH. I also enjoy a few other sports; Shotgun Shooting including Trap and Sporting Clays, Downhill Mountain biking, Fishing, and Skiing. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging with my friends, dirt biking, driving my simulator, and playing the occasional video game. I live at home with my mom, dad, sister, a cat, and a dog.